Could Increased Tourism be the Cause of More Bed Bugs in Abilene?

Published 08/23 2013 09:03PM

Updated 08/23 2013 10:22PM

Local pest control companies say they're getting more calls for bed bugs than normal, and the increased tourism in the Key City could be the cause.

There is no direct link to the two, but owners of Bug Hunters say the easiest way for the critters to spread is by travelers.

Bug Hunters says there has been a 30% increase in the number of calls they get per week. And the Abilene Visitors Bureau says there has been a huge increase in the amount of tourism in Abilene.

The pest control company says that bed bugs are not a poor-man's bug. They can affect anyone, including clean hotel rooms. They spread simply because they reproduce so quickly. So far, Bug Hunters has not been to bed bug calls at any of the smaller, locally owned hotels.

Bug Hunters says the best way to prevent bed bugs is to carefully examine your mattress, both at home and when you travel, and to call for professional help if you do see the bugs.

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