Deadline Looms for Hendrick, BCBS Agreement

By Courtney Burris | cburris@krbc.tvg

Published 06/30 2014 10:16PM

Updated 07/01 2014 09:04AM


Several hours after this story was published, Hendrick decided not to stay with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. For details, click here.

Original Story

As the deadline approaches for talks between Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas and Hendrick Medical Center, many customers are hoping for a successful solution."We would like to have access to both of the Abilene hospitals, that's the best thing for our employees," explains Diane Dotson, Executive Director of non-profit organization Regional Victim Crisis Center. She explains that they enjoy using both Hendrick and Abilene Regional, however, if it comes down to it, its not their insurance they will be changing.

"If they don't make a  deal we will have to lean in favor of one hospital. We love Abilene Regional, but we love Hendrick too, but if Hendrick and Blue Cross can't make a deal, we will be leaning in favor of Abilene Regional," says Dotson.

One current Blue Cross member and Hendrick patient says she is hopeful that the companies will work it out, but is also concerned about possible outcomes.

"My oldest son has type one diabetes, so we go to the doctor every three months, so it would be an out of pocket cost for us and I am assuming, probably, we would have to change doctors," says Renee Guerra.

Another customer, who is anxiously awaiting tonight's decision, says she would have to change providers as well if they do not come to an agreement, but she would not be happy about it.

"I just hope all of the negotiations work out where Hendrick will take Blue Cross Blue Shield because then everyone will have to find a new hospital, and I don't particularly like Abilene Regional, I'm sorry," says Janis Casey.

No matter which hospital you prefer, many are hopeful that the corporations can come up with a solution in the best interest of those that they serve.

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