"Distracted Driving" Debate Gets Heated

Distracted driving kills an estimated 6,000 Americans a year, says Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

"So we're on a rampage about it," he said.

LaHood Wednesday blasted those opposed to banning drivers using the gadgets.

I was stunned that anybody would organize an activity against safe driving," LaHood said.

But some GPS and cellphone makers are lobbying hard to stop a federal effort to reward states cracking down on texting, calling and GPS-ing.

Handsfree is safe says an industry spokesman, Jason Oxman, Sr., the Vice President of Industry Affairs Consumer Electronics Association.

"Rather than looking at a map unfolded in your lap when a driver is lost or disoriented they can use a voice activated GPS unit to guide them to their destination while keeping their eyes on the road."

So far, 28 states including DC have banned texting while driving. 7 states including DC have banned drivers holding cellphones.

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