Eleven Year Old Boxer with Disease Gets New Bike after His was Stolen

Published 09/05 2013 10:18PM

Updated 09/06 2013 04:28PM

An eleven year old boxer living with von Willebrand disease has a new bike after his was stolen.

Jason DeLeon has to be careful when boxing, because if he gets hit, it could be a long time before he's in the ring again. His bruises don't heal as quickly as others, due to his disease.

Since he has to be careful about physical activity, Wednesday was the second time he was allowed to ride his bike to Heavy Hitter's Boxing gym. It was during practice that the bike was taken. 

His coach went to Walmart and was able to get Jason a new bike, which he surprised him with at practice Thursday.

Heavy Hitter's says they will be getting a bike rack installed so that incidents like this don't happen again. 

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