ER Visits Spike During Holiday Season

Published 12/02 2013 11:12AM

Updated 12/02 2013 11:21AM

While many are filling their stomachs this holiday season, others will be more concerned about their hearts.

"Immediately after the holidays, we see a spike. And one of the things we see an increase of is heart failure, because of the increased consumption of salt during the holidays", says Dr.
Joji Varghese, of Hendrick Medical Center.

But the spike in ER visits may not always be about an actual heart attack.

"Heartburn can mimic a heart attack, and a heart attack can mimic indigestion", explains Dr. Varghese.

Abilene doctors say recognizing the signs of a real heart problem is key.

"The central chest pain and pressure, and heaviness in the chest, which goes to the left arm, and a little bit of numbness in the left arm", says Dr. Varghese.

Between the bites of turkey and pie, doctors want you to remember that the holidays may be all about what makes the stomach happy, but take it easy-- for your heart's sake.

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