Faculty and Staff Efforts Receive High Praise Amidst Jane Long Lockdown

Published 05/29 2014 05:52PM

Updated 05/29 2014 10:34PM

"They did an awesome job," said Wendy Matthews, a parent at Jane Long Elementary.

"I had an awful feeling in my stomach," Matthews said as she approached the school campus (which had been put on lock down after an alleged man with a weapon was said to be near or on the campus.

"When I talked to one of the officers, he informed me that everything was ok," she said.

Everything remained calm today, due in part to efforts by the Abilene Police Department and the faculty at Jane Long.

"We were well prepared and everything that needed to take place took place, and the outcome was a very positive outcome," said Principal, Michael Garcia.

He told us that his staff is prepped regularly for emergencies just like these.

"The teachers are well prepped. They're prepped frequently, I'm gonna say once to twice a semester," Garcia said.

Chief Standridge said they have been training their officers as well.

"It's important to know that we have been anticipating this scenario for better than a decade," he said.

"I anticipated a lot of people would be very emotional, very upset, especially as long as it takes to re-unify parents with children," said the Abilene Police Chief. "I had found just the opposite; everybody has been exceptional."

That, he said, is something the community and the faculty at Jane Long should be proud of.

"We're talking about a great effort on the part of Mr. Garcia and his personnel here at the school," said volunteer Bill Enriquez.

Superintendent, Dr. Burns said he is impressed by how everything played out today. 

"I couldn't be more proud of the teachers and the faculty and staff here at Long, they were a calming, comforting influence in the lives of our students on a day that could have been much more chaotic and much worse than it was," he said.

As chaos began to settle, it became apparent that staff at Jane Long elementary handled the situation with professionalism and care.

Chief Standridge said the outcome today was exactly what he wanted.

"It's a good day for Abilene," he said.

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