Family Finds Missing Puppy At Abilene Dog Park

There's no reunion like one with a best friend.

"We're happy shes back home. She completes our family," says Tommy Wade.

The Wade family is thanking the power of social media and the Abilene community's desire to help, in bringing home their 12 week old boxer Roxie, who mysteriously disappeared from their fenced in yard last week.

"We were checking Facebook constantly, going to the pound," Explains Wade. "It kinda starts setting in that maybe you're not going to get her back anymore."

It was Wednesday evening, one week after the puppy went missing, that Tommy Wade got the call.

"Saying, 'I think shes over here at the dog park', and it was one of the ladies I had given a flyer to the day before," said Wade.

Once at the dog park, Wade says it was clear by the markings this was indeed Roxie. 

"I said I believe this dog is stolen," says Wade.

He was told by a couple that they had gotten the dog 4 weeks ago from a woman in Cisco.

"I said well, she was just stolen out of our backyard last Tuesday. I know these markings on her side and I know the little white spot on her nose that's our dog," Wade explained.
"They gave her up willingly".

The family had been pursuing an investigation with police and had even received a photo tip from someone at Petsmart who recognized the dog from a flyer.
But with no hesitation from the couple at the dog park, and with Roxie safe and sound, Tommy wade left. No questions asked.

"It doesn't matter to us how they got her, if they found her, if they were the ones who stole her... it doesn't matter," Wade said. We have her back, it's all we care about."

And after an exhausting and emotional week, they're thanking everyone who helped them bring her home

Marti Wade says, "if they could see how happy the girls are now with Roxie, it makes it all worth it".

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