Farmers Market Opens with Fewer Vendors

There's no shortage of juicy tomatoes or fresh greens at the Farmer's Market's first day. But the number of vendors is another story.

"Cause of the weather, everybody's kind of is off to a slow start. As we get more stuff, I think more vendors will start showing up," said Blaize Scott, who was selling with Scott Farms.

But it's not the lack of rain that's causing the slow start, it's the inconsistent weather.

"Cause it'll be warm, and then it'll be freezing," said Blaize. "Then it'll be hot then cold, and hot and cold. And it just, it messes with the growing process."

And Blaize tells us that her farm was no different. Seeing the quickly changing temperatures cause problems.

"With out field tomatoes and with our squash and zucchini and peaches for sure," continued Blaize. 

With the slow start to the summer also comes the worries of a slow summer. Blaize says that while they are prepared, the lack of rain is still worrisome.

"We have an irrigation tank so that really helps too. But any rain is definitely good. For the soil and all that kind of stuff. So, the irrigation helps, but rain is even better," said Blaize. 

And as the summer months approach, Blaize says that she and other vendors are still thinking positive.

"Now that it's starting to, hopefully, have a constant temperature and start getting warmer, then we'll have more product to sell," explained Blaize.

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