Feedback Friday: 85 MPH Speed Limit and Romantic Sports Guy

Tall grass, Texas raising the speed limit, and the romantic prowess of one of our fellow staff members, make up this week's Feedback Friday segment.

If the state legislature has its way, it's possible we will be able to drive 85 miles per hour on some Texas roads.

Evyonne had these comments,

"too fast!!  That just gives people the incentive to drive 90 or 95! Now it's 70 and people drive 80. 75 would be OK maybe but expect more 1 car roll overs and accidents!"

Greg said,

"fantastic!!!! Now, if something can be done about cell phone use while driving. That is a huge safety issue that really needs to be addressed!!!"

The Texas House approved the 85 mph speed limit, the senate gets the bill next.  If they approve, then come engineering tests and road studies.  Personally, I think 85 is a little much but I've driven 80 legally in other states, you can certainly get to where you are going much faster.  I guess only time will tell whether it was a good decision, that is, if it becomes law.

Our Brittany Pelletz did a story Thursday about the City of Abilene cracking down on tall grass.

Christie said,

"there is usually some kid in the neighborhood looking to mow grass for a cheap price. Ask around."

The good news is that 85% of landowners cited for high grass will take care of the problem. 

If you have issues with a neighbor who has high grass and doesn't do anything about it, contact the City of Abilene.

Then there was this magical moment on our newscast earlier this week.  Our very own Tyler Edwards, supposedly doing a sportscast during Taste of Abilene, arranged to surprise the love of his life with a marriage proposal on live TV.

Kim said,

"awwww!! That was the sweetest proposal ever! Wtg Tyler!! Congrats to Janelle and Tyler, best wishes for a long happy life together!"

You have to admit, Tyler has raised the bar pretty high for the rest of you guys out there planning to surprise your special someone. 

Our best wishes to Tyler and the future Mrs. Edwards.

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