Feedback Friday: Abilene Remembers Steve Jobs

Not only is it Friday, but it's the time of week when we hear your gripes, likes and everything in between.

We start with what is perhaps the biggest news of the week across the nation, the death of Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs.

We received almost nothing but praise for the Apple Co-founder.

Catherine said,

"It is so sad that such a wonderfully insightful man has been taken from us at such a young age. The world is a better place because of him."

Grant shared the sentiment saying,

"Steve Jobs is behind many of the changes that have made my children's lives and their futures so very different than the options open to my generation 30/40 years ago. Jobs is proof that one individual, even today, can truly change the world."

KRBC is getting some flack, but mostly support for a segment we're working on called "Abilene's Most Eligible" where we plan to feature some Abilene socialites who are single and looking.

Stephanie didn't support the idea,

"How much money/income does it take to be considered to be one of the "most eligible members of Abilene's 'exclusive' social circles"? Pretty shallow, if you ask me!!"

Kim, on the other hand was okay with it, saying

"C'mon ya'll.This will be fun! If you don't agree, don't watch but no reason to be a hater ! I love Most Eligible Dallas and I'm just an old married woman who loves silly shows!"

And Brandi said,

"Well that type of stuff makes for good TV! Don't pick on this station, there's plenty more shows like this out there!"

We welcome all opinions here at KRBC, as long as they're tasteful, of course.

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