Feedback Friday: BCH Sports Singing

The ground shaking around Snyder, a city business spat, and is a station commercial promoting our football coverage really good or really bad?

It's time for Feedback Friday and many thoughts from you so let's get started.

First, at last county nine earthquakes near Snyder this week.

One of our viewers said,

"Wow! I decided not to move to San Francisco because the chance of earthquakes. Now they are happening here. Aiya!"

This thought from C.V. That it's all a bunch of nothing.

"Those are not real earthquakes. People in California wouldn't notice."

A few words from Ashley,

"I think everyone here in Snyder is done with them!"

April says she felt the ground move here in Abilene,

"I live here in Abilene, and I swear I felt it here!!! Weirdest thing ever!"

We've had several people say they felt the earth move, especially last Sunday morning around 7:30 when the U.S. Geological Survey measured the strongest of the tremors a 4.4.

Now on to our next subject, a city business spat. Thursday night on KRBC, a new veterinarian clinic opening on the city's south side but they've encountered a delay due to city regulations.

Sue takes a negative look at this situation saying she's,

"Not surprised. That's why Abilene does not get any new businesses."

Another thought from Randy,

"Several new businesses have opened & many have moved to new locations in the past year, drive around town. Abilene is growing. However it's business owners investing in Abilene. I think Abilene is in a pinch like most places in America, right now. I feel we can make it through it given time."

The business owner, Dale Price, says it cost him $7,000 extra for last minute changes requested by the city. For their part, the city building officials say they may have messed up and can only get better going forward as future businesses located here.

Finally, not everyone's a fan of  the  new promo for the Big Country Homepage Sports Team.

Rick writes in to say,

"The BCH friday night football singing dancing commercial is brutally bad."

Brutally bad, or brutally brilliant?! We'll let you be the judge on that one. Whether you love the spot or hate it, you can't deny that the BCH sports team provides the best Friday night football coverage in town, even if they can't carry a tune.

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