Feedback Friday: Community Mourns the Loss of Abilene Teens

Our first story involves the tragedy that has rattled the community this week. Two teens were killed in the deadly car crash earlier on Sunday.

Kristina starts off with the following comment,

"It's amazing how many people came out to show support and love to Breanna and Elexus and to the families... May they rest in peace and may the families find strength and comfort."

Troy states,

 "I and numerous other people understand the tragedy. We also believe we lost part of our future. No matter what race color or creed.. we all feel the same for the families in grief."

And Jill adds,

"God bless everyone involved. Stay strong, your community is behind you!"

And now on to tax prep time officially coming to a close this week.  We got your tax season assessment.

Paul wrote in,

"I'm sure it happens but I think the IRS's fraud control measures were over the top. I do taxes for a living and I have some clients who still haven't gotten their refunds (e-filed in February) simply because their income tax withholding and/or estimated tax payments were not 'normal'."

Jess comments,

"We did our taxes in February, (Our) return was a fantastic amount, and it came (back) quick. We paid off our truck."

And Linda heard this scary bit of news while waiting to do her taxes,

"While sitting, waiting to get taxes done overheard this conversation from the receptionist: 'I'm sorry, but someone else has already filed a tax return with the same social security number that you gave us.'" 

Morgan had a good tax time experience though this year,

"First year we have ever got money back! It was nice to not have to pay and we got it within 15 days!"

Our final conversation regards how we have had some warm weather thus far this spring, some of you may be saying its been too hot, too soon.

Joy says,

"Gonna love the cooler weather tomorrow!"
 Amanda chimes in,

"it is too hot for April!!!!"

Brian closes us out and says,

 "Got to love being cool!" 

Well, we should all enjoy the reprieve from the warmth as Friday and Saturday are going to be cooler and pleasant but by Sunday the old mercury is expected to push back well into the 80's and from there on through next week. 

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