Feedback Friday: Controversial Facebook Page and ACU's School Policy

Two very hot topics this week got hundreds of responses from KRBC viewers.

First up,  the Facebook page called  "Sluts of Abilene" stirred plenty of emotions. 

Ashley said,

"I think S.O.A. should be shut down.  All it is is a way to make people fight cuz their name is on the page."

Kat added,

"I wasn't very happy with KRBC.  The news really has nothing else to report on than a Facebook page?  If people don't like it, then hit the unlike button. 

Even the administrator of the S.O.A. Facebook page chimed in with the following,

"All I'm here for is to give people a place to express their opinions, nothing else."

Leatha was very disappointed in KRBC and says,

"Sorry KRBC, this is a new low.  I'm very disappointed that you would encourage what seems like a Jerry Springer episode on this page."

Another controversial story also aired Wednesday night on KRBC news. The story was about Abilene Christian University's policy on homosexual students coming under fire nationally in a news story.

Wynidi had this to say,

 "Last time I checked, only God is allowed to judge.  We are to accept people for who they are because we are all wonderfully made.  I personally don't agree with it,  but who am I to get in the way of someone being happy."

And Janet was very vocal,

"It is not stating the facts, she says.  It is being ugly and egocentric and judgmental.  And to those of you who think for one hot instant ... That because it is a so-called "christian" school that there is not a ton of .... well....all kinds of sex and drugs going on there, you are foolish.  But you can keep on believing your child is sheltered there if you so choose.  Keep those blinders on."

With that said, that's going to bring a close to this week's Feedback Friday. 

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