Feedback Friday: Dublin Dr Pepper, Solicitor Defense

Big changes are coming to Abilene's policy on door-to-door solicitors, and even bigger changes are coming to a small local town dealing with the end of an era that lasted more than 120 years. It's time for another edition of Feedback Friday.

Door-to-door salespeople will now face new rules in the Key City. On Thursday, city council members passed an ordinance that will only allow door to door solicitation from 9 am to 7 pm, or dark. That's welcome news to many of our viewers, who say they've had issues with door knocking.

Laci writes, "My mom put up a no soliciting sign on her porch it got so bad. That was over 12 years ago! You [would] not believe the people who can not read or do not even know what the word soliciting means."

We also heard from some on the other side of the issue. Tiffany says, "I was on the other side, trust me we don't like knocking on your door either, sometimes [you] knock 100 doors before you get one sale, but that one sale can determine if you eat that day."

Lisa responds by saying "I understand that it's a job, but they have to understand that they are on private property and a 'no soliciting' sign means just that, no soliciting. I know it's gotta stink that people don't want door-to-door salesmen/women, but these days Walmart is right around the corner, and safety is a huge concern."

It is worth noting that the city council declined an even more restrictive measure, which would have created a "Do Not Knock" list for any residents who wanted to sign up. The changes passed yesterday will go into effect once the council decides how much offenders should be fined.

The small town of Dublin made big news this week. The Dublin Dr Pepper Company settled a lawsuit with the larger Dr Pepper Snapple group. Dublin's soda manufacturing plant will remain open, but the soda known as Dublin Dr Pepper is gone for good. A lot of you have fond memories of the brand.

Brittany writes, "I am very upset about Dublin Dr Pepper! I grew up around that area, and my favorite part about going there was the Dr Pepper! I feel that this whole thing is about stingy corporate giants."

Ashley shares a similar story, writing, "I am sad about Dublin Dr Pepper closing. It's part of my childhood. Traveling to Grandma Dolly's we would always stop and all three of us kids would get a real DP!"

And Nathan says "I can't even imagine the devastating affect it will have on my small town. Please pray for all of the newly unemployed Dublin bottler employees, and for Dublin, Texas."

14 people lost their jobs at the Dublin plant as a result of Thursday's settlement. Many residents are calling for a boycott of the Dr Pepper company, including several of our Facebook fans who said they too will boycott. The Dr Pepper Snapple group does say it will continue to make the soda with cane sugar. How close their formula will be to the original, only time will tell.

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