Feedback Friday: Dunn Ruling Quite Popular Among Viewers

Well, it is that time once again for Feedback Friday, that time of the week in which you the viewer are able to express your opinions of the news stories we covered this past week. 

Earlier this week, we told you about John Dunn, the man who faced three felony charges. Instead of going to jail, Dunn was sentenced to fines, and ordered to go to college and graduate by 2018.

Some of wrote in and approved of the judge's decision.

 Linda says, "I think it is the smartest move I have heard a judge make in a long time. Good for society and for him."

Thomas had this to say, "Awesome! Proud of our justice system!!! Glad to see them work together to find answer to challenge him not just lock him up!"

But Debbie disagrees and says, "I cant help but think, they should have sent him straight to prison!"

Rebecca is in favor of more decisions like the one the judge made in this case. 

She believes that, "With the constant recidivism rate and the high rate of prison population, I think our judicial system needs to make these sentences more often - with the exception of violent criminals."

Now switching gears, we got a real happy response from most of you regarding the story we did that a new chick-fil-a restaurant is coming to town.  That new location will be on the northside, off of Highway 351, and is set to open early June. 

However, Lacie had this to say, "But I'm not looking forward to traffic on 351. It's already pretty crazy around there about 5pm!"

Angela was thrilled by the news and wrote, "Holy cow this just made my day!!!" 

Well, I do believe that most of the local citizenry will indeed be looking forward to this additional location, especially those who travel on Southwest Blvd. 

If you have ever been by there during the lunch hour rush, it is simply amazing the business that location does and the traffic that forms out onto Southwest Blvd just to get in there.  It certainly is good eatin' !!

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