Feedback Friday: Enough Water For Splash Park?

It's Friday, which means it's time to hear what you have to say about our stories this week. Our first story regards the city council approving funds for a new splash park to be built at Nelson Park.

Nickle says,

"So we would have to wait till next summer to use it?!..... but oh well, at least we are getting one!"

Amber had this to say,

"My only concern is that Abilene is pretty much always in a drought... Seems like a splash park would just waste water we just don't have. I'm sure they took that into consideration....I would hope, anyway."

Stephanie adds,

"About time! I've been hoping for either a water park or amusement park to be built in Abilene. We need more entertainment."

This week was the first week in action for a new piece of equipment at the Abilene Regional Airport. The body scanner seems to be a topic that quickly draws folks opinions.

Jess isn't a fan at all, she said,

"Changes my desire to fly at all."

Tom doesn't like it either, adding,

"Because TSA has been so good at finding things. Only thing they ever find is oversized shampoo bottles. When's the last time TSA diverted a bomb?"

But Louetta stated,

"I would rather everyone be searched and be safe then for some idiot to bring something onto the plane that is dangerous."

And Courtney had this to say,

"Whatever keeps us safe! But honestly I'd much rather go thru scanner than be patted down.. yuck!!"

Another hot topic is the story we did on the fact that ACU will now allow some forms of dancing on their campus... It's a first for the university.

Debbie states,

"Being a member of the Church of Christ, I was taught dancing is wrong. I don't recall anyone saying it led to drugs, but it was the sexual aspect they think it could lead to...Just saying...I know most will not agree, but that's ok."

Patrick's okay with it. He says,

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with dancing as long as it's in good taste and dancing to good country songs certainly is in good taste,"

And Jenny's ready to have a little fun, she adds,

"And now everybody cuts loose.... footloose."

Well there you have it!  As usual, a very diverse bunch of comments from you the viewers.

If you would like to have your opinion be heard on our show simply go to our Facebook page and leave us a post on what you think and who knows you might see it on the news.

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