Feedback Friday: Fake Urine and the End of Times

In this week's Feedback Friday mailbag, two topics have generated lots of interest and if you believe one of them, then this will be the final Feedback Friday we ever do. 

The other? Well, we never thought urine would be so popular.  It's a story Tim Johnston did on Thursday about synthetic urine. You can buy the fake urine over the counter in Abilene and It's said you can beat a drug test with it.

Louetta said,

"Some things should not be posted or put on the news. Some people know how to pass these things [that' others (like kids) Don't [know] So lets not show them how."

Then Elizabeth sees it the other way,

"I think it's good this was put on the news. People need to be made aware of this and the more people complain about this product then maybe it can be stopped so it's not such an issue anymore."

In case you missed Tim's story, the product is called "Quick Fix".  It looks like urine and can be heated to feel as warm as the real thing.  One lab in Abilene had two cases this past week of people trying to sneak in false urine to beat a drug test.

Our next subject, Judgement Day. If you believe the billboards, we won't be around in 24 hours, Saturday May 21st to be exact.

Stephanie says,

"I'm happy to not know when its gonna end. Just gonna spend everyday like it's my last, with my babies, and my honey, and my family. It states in the Bible that no man shall know the day and time the world will end."

I suspect in Abilene, Stephanie is part of the majority, relying on Matthew 24:36.

Jimmy, however, has a view not based on biblical teachings.

Jimmy has his plans for Saturday.

"I'll be watching Zombieland and studying the layout of local commercial structures to find a suitable defensive location in case of an undead epidemic. Other than that, probably just paperwork."

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