Feedback Friday: Father's Day and Fireworks Alternatives

The weekend is almost upon us, time to see what you had to say about what you saw here on KRBC this week.

The idea that dad should be off at work while mom stays home with the kids is changing. More and more, we see moms at the office and stay at home dads. Your had thoughts on the matter.

Montie wrote,
"I have noticed that a lot of males stay home because they are too lazy to hold onto a job and support their family. The sad thing is these women are being duped into believing that the boys are being the homemaker."

Ronda says,

"My husband did a wonderful job staying home with our children. He also now understands that being a stay at home parent is work."

Now to the big changes in store for this year's 4th of July holiday. Several Big Country counties have banned the sale and use of fireworks until after independence day. However, not everyone's upset by that.

Krista writes,

"It's called safety, the ban has nothing to do with our freedom. Sure fireworks are fun but that's not what the 4th is all about. So round up your friends and family and celebrate your freedom/independence and the ones who made it all possible. God Bless America & our amazing troops!"

Gary offers some other options for those wanting to see a fireworks show.

"Rotan is doing theirs on the 3rd. Snyder is on the 4th. Plenty of fireworks for everyone. And the best part, you don't have to spend the rent money to see them!"

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