Feedback Friday: Film Made About Convicted Murderer with Abilene Ties

This week we told you that APD reported how an intoxicated man tried to enter the wrong house.  He thought it was his house he was trying to enter but it wasn't his house at all.

 Lynn had this to say,

"Hmm he should be glad he didn't try to enter the home of an armed citizen."

Dixie  adds this sad comment,

"He should consider himself lucky!  My friend's son was killed in San Antonio for going in the wrong house..The backdoor was unlocked ,no force, not drunk!  The owner chased him and shot him in the back!"

We told you how a recurring problem of theft has parents upset at a Mann Middle School.  Apparently students are having items stolen.

Randy adds,

"Not liking that Abilene's youth is not learning right from wrong, could be a real big problem in 10 years. Parents do us all a favor; teach your kids to respect others"

Now on to our last story, a convicted murderer with strong ties to Abilene will be the focus of  a new movie called "Bernie",  starring Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey. 

Joy wrote in and said,

" (I) Went to school with this guy."

Rebecca  adds,

"As long as he isn't getting any proceeds, I'm good with it lol"

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