Feedback Friday: Finding Love, Friday the 13th Superstition

Compliments, complaints, attitude, and opinions. It's Feedback Friday.
Here are some of the responses we got this week on stories featured on KRBC.

Last night Brittany Pelletz looked at dating opportunities in the Big Country. 

Jolene wrote, "not everyone relies on some trashy club or bar to meet someone. I met my husband here while helping mutual friends move into a new house. I was a newly divorced single mom of 2 & I found a wonderful man without alcohol or internet dating."

Heidi had a suggestion for those looking for their soul mate,
"Date, date, date, date, date and then date some more... Before you allow yourself to fall in love. Knowing someone first, and i mean very well, is crucial."

Words of wisdom from Heidi and Jolene is proof that sometimes love sneaks up when you least expect it.

This being Friday the 13th, Maxine and John asked our viewers if they are suspicious of Friday the 13th. 

Peter says "I am a little and its my B-day so I guess no skydiving, race car driving, or swimming with sharks, for me today."

Rendi says,

"I'm not superstitions but over the years I have noticed that it tends to make others crazy so I do my best to avoid them."

A quick look at the origins of Friday the 13th tell us that the number 12 is a sign of completeness. 12 months in a year, 12 hours on a clock, and that 13 was simply irregular and considered unlucky.

But others feel that Friday, itself, is unlucky, dating back to the Canterbury Tales of the 14th century.

Myth or fact, Friday the 13th is always going to happen, as long as a month begins on a Sunday.

Plus, we thank Robert for sending us his thoughts on Maxine Ridling's story about students Giving To The Max. 

"I applaud the Abilene students who are making an effort to rid our language of the "R" word. As a child, that particular word was used to describe me all the time. I still feel that way sometimes."

The "R" word we're referring to is the word retard.  Students at Mann Middle School this week said the word is full of hate  and took an oath to never use the word again.  Even though this campaign is just for this week, it's a message they'll take with them forever

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