Feedback Friday: From a Red-Light Runner to Texas Weather

Published 04/01 2011 07:06PM

Updated 04/01 2011 07:11PM

Your thoughts on topics of interest this week, it's time for Feedback Friday.

From our KRBC Facebook page, our viewers had thoughts on everything from a red-light runner that caused a roll-over wreck, to a crazy range of temperatures.

Concerning the red light runner that caused the rollover,

Stephanie Dunn said,  "I have seen a lot of red light runners all over Abilene. When will it end?"

Delicia Crawford said,

"I'm from out of state, when I first visited Abilene, I almost ran two of them. I don't know why. Maybe it's how the lights change. The one on 10th or 36th turning left onto Judge Ely is tricky. I didn't even notice that little light was even there."

Probably a combination of things but maybe it all boils down to drivers simply too distracted.  Things like talking on the cellphone, or more people on the streets may be all factors. When I was in school, I spent a good month of my summer in driver's education class.  Driving an actual car with a certified instructor. Driving in a simulator.  Do we even do that anymore?  I think there's probably a lot of drivers who just don't have proper instruction from the beginning, but based on your responses just be observant and watch the road, drive defensively.

Plus, your thoughts on our roller coaster forecast,  a week of cold to hot temperatures in the span of a couple of days.

Christie asks,

"do you think we will be in for a lot of severe weather in the next few months? It seems like last year we didn't see much of anything."

Jonnie says,

"hahahaha those temps are totally bizarre!"

Yes they are, but such is spring in West Central Texas. We're still getting cool air from the north, but the warm air from the south is waging battle. This weekend, the heat wins.

As far as Christie wanting to know if we are in for severe weather since we didn't see much of anything last season, tough call but the overall trend through spring is for dryer than normal and warmer than normal, meaning fewer storms.  However,  it only takes one big nasty thunderstorm to make memories.  Best word of advice, stay alert through the spring storm season now through June.  Plus, watch KRBC's Severe Weather Special next Thursday night at 6:30 pm.  We'll talk about your spring forecast.

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