Feedback Friday: Gaming Addicts Speak Out

Published 07/08 2011 07:24PM

Updated 07/08 2011 07:31PM

From video games to heat and mental illness,  here are a few of your comments in this week's edition of Feedback Friday.

Thursday night's story about the man whose first marriage ended in divorce over a video game, and his second marriage was also threatened by the game.

Kathy looks at it this way,

"And KISS (the band) was the reason for drug use. Metallica was blamed for suicides and murders. Funny how little personal responsibility is taken by people. I don't play video games but I do know that blaming others for being an idiot is ridiculous."

Our story rang a bell with Teressa who said,

"Wow...That's where I am right now!!!   I'm still hanging on and not seeing any changes... Went from being engaged to officially un-engaged because of this!  Right now it's taking its toll... He even took his laptop with him when we went out last night! I'm gonna make sure he sees this somehow (if he can take time away from his gaming)"

Cynthia understands gaming addiction,

"I must say I used to be one of them. World of Warcraft was my terrible addiction, it took over my time and I neglected my house.  Even my husband, who's been playing for years, was very badly addicted, so I understand how some of those people are. But now, I don't play as much, and if I do want to play, I make myself do chores and if and only, when everything's done, can I reward myself."

We hope that couples struggling with gaming addiction will take a break, set aside time for what's really important and that is family.

Next we move on to a story we ran at mid-week concerning the heat and its effect on mental illness.

Billy could identify with our story and says,

"I have extreme sensitivity to sunlight/heat because of the psych meds I currently take (I have chronic severe ptsd from combat).  Taking one step out into the sunlight/heat instantly jump starts a headache and/or unbearable cringing. Unless educated about these symptoms the general public or unknowing friends and family are less likely to understand or believe individuals with these symptoms. Thank you KRBC for this great public service, you have done for me and other individuals battling mental illnesses."

Billy, thanks for being very candid and thank you for your combat service to this country.

Plus, a disturbing story this week down in Buffalo Gap where dogs and cats are apparently being shot, many being killed.

Corrina says,

"I lived in Bradshaw and there was a big problem with dropped off animals. If you have an animal take it to the shelter. The wild animals will eat your dog because they don't know how to take care of themselves. "

We're hoping this issue doesn't get any worse, lots of folks in Buffalo Gap banding together to keep a watch on neighborhood pets.

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