Feedback Friday: Haunted Sweetwater Theater

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We call it Feedback Friday, and this week topics that drew considerable attention were wheelchair accessibility, ghost hunting, and the heat.

Our story about a wheelchair bound man named Casey Hertel, who needed to take a test at ACU, but it was in a room which required him to go down a flight of stairs. The university moved the test to a room accessible by wheelchair.  But Casey feels more can be done in Abilene to improve accessibility for those who need it.

Sarah said,

"There shouldn't be a place on this earth that wheelchair bound people can't go. I go into some stores that have wheelchair access, but upon walking through the store's isles.There is no way a wheelchair could go down them. Many of the mall stores are this way as well. I thought it was mandatory for public places to be wheelchair accessible?"

The Americans for Disabilities Act has all their standards for accessible design, for state and local government facilities and for public and commercial facilities, on their website.

We traveled to Sweetwater this week where Jessica Reyes went ghost hunting with some paranormal experts.  Ghosts are said to haunt the Texas Theatre. 

Gary saw the story and said,

"Maybe Elvis has come back to Sweetwater"! 

Marti chimed in

"What a great marketing tool!  Imagine all the visitors that will come to try to catch a glimpse of something ghostly!"

Cresencia said this,

"Been here all my life. My school house has more ghostly activity."

Nothing like a good ghost story to get people talking, even in the middle of summer. There's even a couple of YouTube videos about the Texas Theatre ghost.  Just search Texas Theatre Ghost Sweetwater, Texas.

Finally, what everyone is talking, but mostly complaining about, is the hot weather.

Goody had a funny remark about the heat,

"I'm beatin' the heat like the Mavs!"

And from Sarah,

"Some people are actually enjoying it. I am happy for them, that they are comfortable in the heat. I wish I could say that!! Bring on the 50's!!! (And I don't mean the decade)."

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