Feedback Friday: How Early is Too Early to Put Up Christmas Lights?

Well it's Friday and that means it's time for Feedback Friday.

The portion of the show when you tell us your thoughts about the stories that made news this week.

We start with the deadly motorcycle accident that happened on East Highway 80 on Monday.

Waylan says,

"The drivers always say, I'm a good driver, but it's not them who we worry about, it's those who can't or don't see you. Praying for those lost."

Sam and Robbie had this to say,

"I say the same thing to my husband. It's not him it's other drivers!!"

And Sarah wrote,

"That's not the first one that's happened there. I remember a lady riding a motorcycle was killed there a few years ago. So sad. Prayers to the family."

Now onto the story KRBC aired regarding when to put up and take down Christmas decorations. 

Sharon had this to say,

"I don't put my decorations up until the 2nd week of December and then take them down sometime after the 1st of January. I hate hearing that people take their stuff down on Dec. 26th, but they're usually the ones who put it up before Thanksgiving (and the tree Is "dead"). I just like to celebrate Christmas during the Christmas season and not during Thanksgiving."

Stephanie commented,

"Day of or after Thanksgiving is good to put them up down a few days after the New Year! Anything before Thanksgiving is too soon and more then 5 days after New Years is too late. That's my philosophy!"

And Samantha stated the following,

"Living on a military base, Christmas is celebrated early for a lot of families due to upcoming deployments."

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