Feedback Friday: Let it Snow!

It's Friday and that means it is time for Feedback Friday.

The portion of the show, in which we check out what you  the viewer has to say regarding current events or stories we covered this week.  

We start with a story we brought you yesterday. A local pawn shop returning a patron's ring in an act of kindness to help her cope with the loss of a loved one.

Vicki had this to say,

"This brought happy tears to my eyes. I understand hard times and losing loved ones. Random acts of kindness makes your heart feel good. This is what Christmas is giving as God gave to us."

Matthew said the following,

"Wow, this is an amazing story. It brought butterflies to my stomach because I used to be from Abilene but now reside in Fort Worth and it reminds me of all the kind and generous people we have in Abilene where everyone pulls together n times likes this."

Also, what's on many minds is our chance of seeing some snow this weekend, Dede predicts,

"With my luck we will have a blizzard like we had a couple years ago and ruin all our plans again but if Santa is nice to me this year he will hold off on the bad weather!!"

Leilani said,

"I'm torn!  We so want a white Christmas like last year (however maybe just 2 days worth) But if it hits Saturday my hubby (and kids dad) Won't be making it home on Christmas Eve if the roads are bad."

And Chantal  has decided the following:

"I want 2 inches or more cause the more the merrier that's all I have been asking for and praying for Christmas this year."

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