Feedback Friday: MDA Support, Bus Driver Fight

A student allegedly threatening his bus driver, a shooting at an Abilene apartment office, snakes, and the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. Those topics got the most activity on the KRBC Facebook page this week.

Concerning the high school student getting cross-ways with his bus driver,

Jennifer says,

"The buses do have video, so the district can investigate. I had to ask them to do that one time when my kids had a problem with a substitute driver."

Chris added,

"Bottom line the driver isn't supposed to say a word other than "this is your stop", so I can't help but wonder who really started it."

The student was suspended for three days and spent two hours in juvenile detention.  The mother of the young man says she has contacted several attorneys and has plans to have the charges against her son dropped.

Many in Abilene shocked over a gunman who shot an officer worker this week at an apartment complex on the northeast side of town.

Juanda said,

"Thank you Josh for being a friend to Jacob. I thank God for placing you there with him both in good times and the bad. You are a hero."

Another comment on the shooting from Kat,

"I work at an apartment complex and know first hand the angry residents can get pretty ugly at times but never would expect this. This scares me because you never know what kind of people you are dealing with. Prayers to both involved."

As we reported, both the shooting victim remains hospitalized but the man who allegedly pulled the trigger and was subdued at the scene, died on Friday.  An autopsy has been ordered.

We ran a story this week about rattlesnakes venturing into residential areas more so than usual.

Lisa wrote on our Facebook page,

"I'll trade you some snakes for some rats. We have them coming into our yard from the field behind our house and climbing in our tree trying to find food."

Which was the point of our story. Snakes seem to be following their prey into yards, so watch your step!

The MDA Telethon was held on Sunday night, without Jerry Lewis, the man who devoted his life to the organization.  Although he was mentioned often, the show went on without him.

We lost a viewer,  Rusty says,

"I used to watch it every Labor Day.  After the way the MDA did Jerry Lewis, not gonna happen.  Jerry put his heart and soul in for those kids for a great many years and to drop him like a hot potato."

An opposing opinion from Heidi,

"Jerry Lewis himself would want this endeavor to remain a priority, a hope for a cure to become a reality!   The MDA Telethon may be over for now, but our continued support can help make a difference every day of the year."

We saw that support through our local efforts to raise money.  Thanks to generous contributions from the Big Country and Concho Valley Residents, over $154,000  was raised locally, almost equal to last year's telethon.

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