Feedback Friday: Mega Millions Craze Sweeps Abilene

It's time for you, the viewer, to sound off on the stories that we covered this week here on KRBC.

Our first story that garnered some attention deals with the question of what would you do if you won the Mega Millions drawing.

Beau had this to say,

"Buy a house so big I would feel uncomfortable in it. But that's okay because I would just buy another house to live in. Because I could afford it."

Mira says,

"Pay all my sons' collage loans" 

Jody Winstead had this very giving and charitable comment to offer,

"I would make some serious donations, especially to St. Judes Hospital."

On to our next story about the man who was stealing electricity from a next door business.

Joy says,

"Illegal and dangerous to do this."  How very true joy!

Sabrina adds,

"What do you expect? When minimum wage is seven dollars and fifty cents and electric bills are over one hundred dollars along with insurance, rent, car payments, need for food, water, toiletries, phone bill, kids things if you have them, and gas."

Finally, the last story has to do with Facebook making the change to the new timeline format.

Rachelle says,

"I'm not too fond of it, it is unorganized & sloppy. Sometimes the original is better than the upgrade."

Carla says,

 "Facebook changed it for me and I hate it...I want my old Facebook back..." 

Alysha disagrees and says, "I love my timeline! And everyone complains when it changes, but once they get use to it they love it."

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