Feedback Friday: Metrocare Debate and bin Laden Coverage

We're talking local news and of course the biggest news story in quite some time, the operation that took out the world's most wanted terrorist.

First your thoughts on the ongoing debate as to whether the City of Abilene should take over emergency services.

During this week's mayoral debate on, Mayor Norm Archibald had some harsh words for Metrocare.

Haley writes "the city taking over Metrocare shouldn't happen... I would rather have someone certified for medical help than someone trained for fire."

But Kevin has another perspective he writes, "the City of Sweetwater's ambulance services are run by the city and I think it would be a great idea for the City of Abilene to take over the ambulance services because they send out fire trucks which have certified EMT's in them and the fire trucks get to the scene faster than the ambulances do."

Haley and Kevin both bring up good points. We'll continue following this city issue, it's a long way from being over.

We were all very surprised by the news late Sunday night that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in a special operation conducted by Navy Seals.

The news began to leak out shortly after 9:30 Sunday night, and within a few minutes, every news outlet, including NBC news, cut into programming to break the story.

 It's something we've waited almost a decade to hear, but at least one fan of the show that was pre-empted was not happy about the timing.

Kathey writes, ""not very happy with KRBC right now. You could have scrolled across the bottom about bin laden dying and not [interrupted] The apprentice. You scrolled that the president was going to speak. So why not wait 15 minutes and then let him speak, not the reporters."

Well Kathey, sorry you're unhappy with KRBC, but that was totally out of our hands.  When the NBC Network decides to break in, they do.

And don't you think taking out the foremost terrorist is a little more important than Donald Trump?  But if Trump runs for president and wins.

Wonder if he would break-in to programming to interrupt his own show?  I bet we don't have to worry about that, and not everyone was upset that Celebrity Apprentice was interrupted..

Grace writes, "hearing that specific piece of news was worth the interruption."

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