Feedback Friday: New Autism Definition Angering Many Parents

We've reached the end of another week, that means it's time to open the virtual mailbag in a segment we call Feedback Friday.

Major developments in the medical field caught the attention of our viewers this week. We told you about the possibility that the American Psychiatric Association may re-define treatment levels for some patients with autism, Asperger's, and PDD. That's got many parents how have children with these disorders concerned.

Amanda writes, "My daughter who is 9 is a high functioning autistic.I will be severely angry if these changes affect her. The only reason she is doing as well as she is now is because of the services she receives at her school."

Mary says, "it's really going to be hurting families. As a mother with a child with Asperger's, it's not a good change."

And Ginger agrees. She says, "my son has Asperger's also. He's now 24 years old. Had to fight for everything he was entitled to at school. Finally pulled him out and home schooled him. Had to pay over $50,000 for treatments. If he hadn't had them he would probably still be sitting by walls banging his head and not talking. I haven't heard about the change but all I know is that it's difficult enough having a child with these issues without having to fight the system about everything."

The proposed changes would likely exclude people with so-called 'high functioning' autism.

Experts say there is still plenty of debate and research to be done, and a new definition will not be finalized until next year.

Now to our most talked about story of the week, an Abilene man arrested for stabbing his puppy, then throwing it in a dumpster. Not surprisingly, we got dozens of comments from viewers angry that something like this could happen, and more than a few of you expressed interest in adopting Taz, the 14 week old mixed breed now recovering from her injuries. But one comment stood out.

Emily wrote in to say,

 "I would like to see all the people who are wanting to adopt the dog that was stabbed go down to the animal shelter and adopt another dog. There are so many dogs that need a home that it is sad to know so many people will adopt this dog but so many others are going to die."

The Abilene Animal Services Adoption Center will take custody of Taz once she's well enough, and after that, she'll be adopted out. If you're one of the many people who've been added to the list of those hoping to adopt Taz, but aren't called, it's important to keep in mind that there are plenty of other dogs in need of a good home.

We love to hear your feedback! You can email us anytime just go to, click "Feedback Friday" under KRBC news.

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