Feedback Friday: New Shotwell Turf Worth It?

It's that time of the week again when you the viewer get o tell us what you think.

We told you this week about how Shotwell Stadium is goIt's that time of the week again when you the viewer get o tell us what you to get all new, state-of-the-art field turf installed this spring.

Amber had this to say,

"My 4th grader doesn't get textbooks, but we have an advanced tech field turf?! What is wrong with this picture? Playing on the grass never hurt us when I was in school!"

Rebecca adds this comment,

"There is a need for a new turf out there. For those who have not been there recently, have not seen the difference so it is hard to understand. The outcome far out-weights the cost. And to address the textbooks, it is the Texas Board of Education's issue with those not AISD or the City of Abilene."
Now onto the story about the potentially deadly cobra that was missing in Brownwood and that has now been safely found. 

Many viewers are obviously relieved at things working out this way. 

Karen had this to say,

"Thank God they found it. We sure don't need cobras running around in Texas. Rattlesnakes are enough."

Vicki adds,

 "Poor thing.. it's not the snake's fault he was brought into captivity."

Jake says,

 "The snake's lucky it's not a hat band for some cowboy." 

Finally, one fan of the KRBC Facebook page had some kind words for our reporters this week and he had no problem sharing that sentiment.

Randy says,
"I can't decide which KRBC news lady I like best. They are all good reporters."

Alright, well if you would like to make your voice heard.. go to the Feedback Friday section of our website, or simply comment on stories on the KRBC Facebook page.

We'll gladly check it out and just might put it on the news!

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