Feedback Friday: One Way Frontage Roads

It's Friday, which means Feedback Friday!

One way frontage roads are in the news as a decision is pending to make them one way only to lessen confusion for motorists. This news has sparked some of you to chime in.

Star says,  "Ewwww. It's like that back home and I really like the two ways here. It's very convenient, too bad people can't follow the road rules and cause crashes."

Sarah adds , "Well, it is already a one-way frontage road near Old Anson Road where I get on to I-20 every morning and people treat it like a two-way. I can't tell you how many times the car in the right lane has cut across in front of me in the left lane to get on to the I-20 on ramp there. So, instead of people failing to yield to traffic entering I-20 and causing accidents on two-way roads, there will be people cutting across lanes to enter I-20 and causing accidents on the one-way roads. We are just exchanging one kind of accident for another, because people don't pay attention!"

Moving on, we aired the  story about how employers are beginning to ask for Facebook passwords from job applicants.  A touchy subject for sure. 

Amber writes very firmly,  "I don't even give my email and I won't friend who I work for. My personal life is mine not my jobs."

Amanda says something similar, "I would decline their requests and take my profile down before giving them my password. I don't have anything to hide, but my private life is just that, mine and private!"

Brandon adds our final comment of the day,

"Maybe people should ask themselves before they post...."would my employer approve?" then that might prevent many issues." 

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