Feedback Friday: Perry Presidential Run?

Friday wouldn't be Friday without a trip to the KRBC mailbag. It's "Feedback Friday."

From the KRBC Facebook page, Texas Governor Rick Perry is now "tempted" to run for president.  We asked if you would vote for him.  He is, of course, from the Big Country, but your response has been overwhelmingly against Perry running.

Jessica says,

"There are not enough ways to say no, I will not!  With what he's done to our education system, I can only imagine the mess he would do nationwide!"

Karen says,

"I think it's too soon for him to run after President Bush. The fact that he is from Texas as well, will never fly."

Paige put it short and sweet,

"Yep, sure would."

Those opinions all coming from our Facebook page but a couple hours ago, we asked on our website. If Rick Perry decides to run for president in 2012, do you think he could win?

That poll is on So far, our responders think Perry should stick to being governor as support for a presidential run isn't being accepted very well.

Moving forward to our "Teen Moms" story last night, the question, "are reality TV shows about teen moms sending the wrong message?

Star says,

"There is nothing cute or fun about being a teen mom. I was shocked when I found out girls were getting pregnant on purpose to get on "16 and Pregnant. Um, what if they didn't get picked? That poor child."

Lisa says,

 "I was a teen mom but I got pregnant at 17 and had my son at 18, and it was hard. Like most of those teen moms, I didn't finish high school. In a way I think it sends the wrong message, but in a way I don't think it sends the wrong message."

Certainly understandable Lisa, it could encourage girls to think twice about their future if they see the reality of what teen moms are having to go through. However, teens craving attention just to be on a TV show, not a good situation.

As usual, it's easy to give us your thoughts through the KRBC Facebook page or on our website,

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