Feedback Friday: "Playboy Club" Concerns

A well-known Abilene barbecue restaurant to close, fireworks, and the fireworks caused by an NBC. show which hasn't even premiered yet. It's time for Feedback Friday!

First up, Harold's Barbecue. A sign on their door says they'll be there the rest of this month.

Amber had this to say on our KRBC Facebook page.

"This is awful!  Such a good place that has been a great part of Abilene for a very long time. I really hope that they can reopen."

This comment from Andrea,

"Harold's has always been a big supporter of Bunco for Breast Cancer, wishing him a speedy recovery as our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family".

It won't be the same without Harold's.  There are plenty of places that serve barbecue , but something extra special about Harold's.  50 plus years in the business.  We certainly wish the Christian family the best.

Also have you heard? NBC, which KRBC is affiliated with, has a new show coming this fall about the Playboy Club.  It's all about the bunnies and the patrons of the original Playboy Club in Chicago back in the 1960's.  The first promo for the show aired a couple weeks ago and it didn't take long for our viewers to respond.

Connie said,

"I am offended that NBC is pushing the Playboy Club over the airwaves. I certainly hope KRBC will not air this program based on a porno magazine.  If you do air this program, it will not be watched by me and I will be very interested to find out who or what company is willing to sponsor such filth in our community."

We've been told KRBC does plan to air the program at this time.  Apparently NBC has given stations, including ours, a chance to preview it.  However, it's always possible management would reconsider, depending on the content.  We have heard of one station in Utah that won't air the program.

A whopping 97% of Texas is in a severe drought.  The state climatologist says this is one of the worst droughts since records have been kept, dating back to 1895.  Since November, 3.3 millions acres of Texas has burned. So it's no wonder Big Country residents are negative to fireworks this holiday weekend.

Bob is certainly opposed to aerial displays,

"Maybe the Abilene City Council should take another vote and consider canceling their fireworks show since its so hot and dry (and fireworks are banned for the rest of the citizens in the county)."

Wesley has another reason to dislike fireworks,

"Not to mention it is a waste of money when they hire all the police overtime to work it at time and a half. Just a waste of money on top of it being so dang dry!"

Kyda says you can't have it both ways,

"Fireworks are either risky or they aren't. If you are going to ban the sales...Don't do them period."

Hopefully everyone will play it safe.  It'll be a shock if we don't have fireworks related fires.

As for the fireworks show in Abilene, we're told 60 acres of land has been plowed around the firing area,  plus fire crews will be on standby, to make the celebration as safe as possible.

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