Feedback Friday: "Playboy Club" Objections

Is it a bobcat, or a mountain lion? Plus, Playboy bunnies have some KRBC viewers upset.

Time now for this week's installment of Feedback Friday, when we go to our virtual mailbag and share some of your thoughts on stories we've featured on KRBC over the past few days.

First, we showed you a photo of an apparent large cat on the prowl at Dyess Air Force Base.

Des 'rae chimed in and said,

"I don't believe it's a bobcat. I would think its a cougar."

Selina says,

"it looks more like a mountain lion."

And from Jennifer,

"My husband and I see this bobcat quite regularly. They will not trap or move him since 1) He isn't harming anyone and 2) He is on the AFB which is a wildlife preserve. The bobcats and all other wildlife here are being seen more frequently because they are becoming more bold and coming out searching for water."

All excellent points Jennifer.  We showed the photo to officials at the Abilene Zoo and a local veterinarian, and they all conclude it is a large bobcat.  But if you see it, and manage to safely take a photo, don't hesitate to send it in. 

Next to NBC's new fall show called "The Playboy Club".

Gary and Margie say,

"You know, it's almost impossible to watch any kind of family programing on network tv anymore. This show "The Playboy Club" is another example. Please do not air this program."

For those of you who haven't heard about the show yet, it is about the beginning of the Playboy empire back in the 1960's.

KRBC management says, as of now, the program will be aired as scheduled this fall.

To comment on programming or news stories that you see, go to and click Feedback Friday under the KRBC news tab.  You can also comment on the KRBC Facebook page on any of our stories.

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