Feedback Friday: Rain, Drugs, and Rock 'N' Roll

It's that time of the week again where we hear what you the viewers have to say about the stories we covered this week.

With the heavy rain we had across the Big Country yesterday, many accidents we reported due to the wet driving conditions. Many of you wrote in with comments about the wrecks, wrecks, and more wrecks that occured. 

Gaye  posted this comments on our Facebook page:

"We went from Colorado City to Abilene today and it seemed like every few miles there was a wreck and still people were driving so fast. We almost got rear ended by a semi when we had to slow down for one of those wrecks."

Scott adds,

 "It's Texas drivers. Y'all think you can speed up. You can't think if you drive faster you will get there faster. Sometimes you have to slow down to get where you're going.

And Daniel finishes with

 "Bad driving .. bad driving ... Bad driving." 

Our next story regards the Brown County officials nabbing eighteen  drug suspects in 'Operation Baker's Dozen'.

Leslie has this to say:

"Way to go Brown County. Get 'em off the streets. Rehabilate the ones that really want it and keep the rest ;-)."

Leatha adds,

 "Way to go! Please don't stop! And see what you can do about encouraging other counties to get off their duffs as well. This is costing the taxpayers, families and everyone in so many ways."

And finally season two of "The Voice" wrappped up. Jermaine was the winner. So how did you all  feel about his victory?

Here is what dawn had to say: 

"Well deserved, good job America!!!"

Brenda says:

"He was my choice hands down! Even Justin Bieber killed it!"

And Jacy closes us out with,

 "Ugh!!! Had it dvr'd because we were busy with baseball! It's no longer a surprise now! Should not have gotten on the wonderful world of facebook! :-("   

Alright, well that does it for this edition of Feedback Friday. 

If you have any comments  to share with us,  submit it to the Feedback Friday section of our website or leave a comment on the stories on our Facebook page.

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