Feedback Friday: Rangers Honor Big Country Hero

In this week's Feedback Friday, topics include a fatal crash, remembering a lost fire fighter and the special session of the legislature.

An arrest was made this week, on the man believed to be responsible for providing alcohol to the driver of a car that killed an 8 year-old Abilene boy.

Courtney says "I'm glad they found the person responsible for supplying the alcohol, he is just as at fault as the driver, if not more so, because he should have known better."

Sarah says "I hope there are many lessons learned here, by all parties responsible...Not only learned, but taken to heart and held in the highest regard...Forever."

Those charged will have their day in court.  If they're guilty, they'll have plenty of time to think things over in a cramped jail cell, which is where they belong. Hard to forgive someone for such a crime, even though we're supposed to.

The Texas Legislature couldn't get it right the first time, so our elected representatives and senators are in special session which, by the way, cost all of us taxpayers $37,500 per day.

Marti says, "they should work all summer, the average Texan works every day all year long, they should too."

Bruce says, "They need to ... Work on education, we will remember at election time."

By the way you can follow every move of the crazy train called the Texas Legislature.  Just Google Texas Legislature online and track down every bill and how your legislator voted.  Plus, every night on KRBC News, we bring you legislative updates on the top issues of the day in Austin.

Finally, last Saturday, our Megan Dobbs and Executive Producer Mark Moseley were in attendance at the Texas Ranger baseball game that honored firefighters.  Leading the firefighters onto the field at Rangers Ballpark were the wife and daughters of Greg Simmons, the Eastland Fireman who died in the line of duty battling a grass fire.

From our Facebook page, Kedron simply said  "what an awesome tribute to a hero."

And CeeCee is obviously a Texas Rangers fan, "and the rangers that made it an even nicer tribute!"

Thanks to Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers for honoring the heroes who put their lives on the line 24/7. 

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