Feedback Friday: Saluting the Big Country's Heroes

Much of the focus on KRBC this week has been on the fires across the area. Reba writes, "I am very honored to say that my son was one of the firefighters out fighting these fires between Aspermont and Knox County. I was very worried about him and his fellow fire fighters. I am very proud of you BJ and I love you very much."

Reba, a beautiful way to honor your son.  Many Big Country sons and daughters are tired and worn out after a week of fighting flames.  Their equipment is taking a toll, and there's no relief in sight.  We at KRBC want to say thank you, so next Wednesday afternoon, stop by KRBC at 4510 S. 14th St. as we raise some money for the firefighters of the Big Country.  They can always use it.  And if you feel led to make a monetary donation directly to your local volunteer firemen, write 'em a check, help 'em out.

Christina writes simply, "...Thinking about getting a big country rain dance started! What ya think?"

Christina, we think so. Here's a suggestion: at some point this weekend, stop for a minute and do a little jig, your own personal rain dance, just to see what happens. You never know...

Abilene police and AISD administrators acted quickly on Monday after reports of a young man toting a gun near Cooper High School..

Heidi writes, "I think the school system reacted as well as they possibly could under the circumstances. Their main concern was student safety, and they were following the advice of the APD. I'm just proud of how KRBC reports the news as it happens and also the fact that prior to it being released to the public; this news station validates/substantiates it's sources, at least as well as the source may provide under slight duress.  KRBC is very careful, (not to mention professional) about how they attain accuracy with every notable and news worthy event. A big thumbs up to everyone affiliated with the station and also, a big thanks to our APD for protecting our kids and making us all sleep better at night!"

Heidi, we appreciate your kind words.  We mentioned the valiant work of our firemen.  Lest we forget, our police are patrolling the streets right now and that will help everyone sleep better tonight.  Hats off to Cooper High School, AISD administrators and police. 

Our Morgan Bond had the chance to ride along with local World War II veterans as they made their way to Washington D.C. to see the memorial erected in their honor.

Kelley writes, "A huge thank you to all military, active and retired, for keeping me and my family and friends safe and free."

And Barbara said, "What a great and wonderful trip these veterans are going on. Thanks to the people assisting them."

The smiles on the faces of the veterans and the volunteers said it all.  They made a bond of lasting friendship.  As for Morgan, she'll tell you it changed her life.  Somewhere tonight, there's a U.S. Soldier carrying on his or her duties with honor and courage, just as those from the greatest generation did. Those who served in Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and other theatres.   It guess it's been a Feedback Friday for heroes: military, firemen, policeman, educators.  It's why this country is great!

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