Feedback Friday: Saying Goodbye to Brittany Pelletz

Time for Feedback Friday, when what you have to say matters most. 

This week, you told us your feelings about baby Austin. The Abilene toddler has captured our hearts, water restrictions tighten in Abilene, and KRBC said goodbye to one of our own last night.

Concerning aid for baby Austin Westbrook,

Lawrence says,

"We would like to say thank you to KRBC for getting the word out, and thank you to everyone that has donated items for the garage sale to benefit Austin Westbrook and family!! The love and support this community has shown has been absolutely overwhelming!"

Keep in mind the garage sale to benefit Austin and his family is coming up Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.  It will be held in the parking lot near Trinity Baptist Church at the corner of Mockingbird and North 10th.  All proceeds go directly to help the Westbrook family.

Water restrictions about to change this Monday in Abilene,

Brandon says,

"This will sure hurt the revenue that is brought in to city hall for treating water. I understand being conservative. And I abide by the current restrictions. The truth of the matter is... Water unfortunately evaporates!"

And from Heidi,

"I understand that under the circumstances taking this measure is necessary. We may have to accept that outward appearances may suffer somewhat, but having green grass comparatively speaking to the alternative of a potential depleted water supply can seriously pose a threat which I'm sure none of us want to experience."

Yesterday at 5 o'clock was the final newscast for Brittany Pelletz.  She's moving on to a new station in Kentucky but leaves behind big shoes to fill and great memories for those fortunate enough to work with her each day.

Our viewers said their goodbyes on Facebook.  Andrea saying,

"Good luck in your future ventures!"

From John,

"We will miss you Brittany! Always enjoyed your reporting. Good luck wherever you are headed."

Jane asks a good question,

"Why is it that we always lose the good ones??? Your gain is our loss..but still wishing you the very best!"

Jane, the reason so many reporters leave is because Abilene is a small television market where you can gain valuable experience as a reporter, then move to a larger city where the money is much better.  Over a period of about ten years, you can climb the ladder of success, end up in a part of the country you want to live in, and cash some larger paychecks.  Brittany is simply talented enough to jump to a much larger market.

And some short but kind words from Pamela,

"You will be missed... Thank-you for service to the community!"

Brittany was certainly involved in Abilene, taking on several volunteer roles in her three years in Abilene.

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