Feedback Friday: School Lunch Price Increases

It's time to hear from some of you on this week's stories in Feedback Friday.

We start with the potential ten cent price hike in school lunches.

Lynn says..

"I personally think the federal government has no right to tell any independent school district how much to charge for meals!"

Sally is thinking positive she says,

"At least they are still offering food to the children! With all the cuts everywhere lately in school districts across the state. They will still be able to have their little bellies full."

Now onto summer travel plans, some of you plan to take to the road or skies, but many of you said the price of gas is keeping you close to home.

Hope was to the point with her plans she says,

"None really. Can't afford the gas to go anywhere."

Same issue with Jessica,

"Planned on driving to Myrtle Beach but gas keeps getting higher and higher so I just got a plane ticket instead."

Lorraine is finding a way to make summer fun while saving a little cash she says,

"Going to Great Wolf Lodge in July. Cannot afford to go anywhere else gas costs too much."

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