Feedback Friday: Sex With Rick Perry Ad

Viewer mail and comments, mostly from the KRBC Facebook page this week. Topics include a major drug bust, a little boy hurt in a wreck, and Governor Rick Perry and a controversial newspaper ad.

First up, a drug bust in Brown county netted over 80 arrests in Central Texas.

Kristy said

"All towns and cities need to do this... Before more kids end up in a nursing home like a friend of mine. Her son did due to drug overdose..."

Tom takes a dim view of the drug round up saying,

"The war on drugs will never be won, it'll never stop drugs coming into here. They arrest 83 people, 83 new drug dealers pop up. I think it's a lost cause."

Kim takes the opposite view of Tom saying,

"It isn't pointless when dealers target our youth. It also will help with the crime problem as well."

Chances are many of those arrested were in jail and right back out, but for a while, the drug flow has been interrupted and law enforcement continues to battle the drug warriors.  Just think where we would be without law enforcement making a difference on our streets.

We got lots of well wishes and viewers offering prayers of support for Triston Galvan, the little seven year-old boy hurt in a car wreck about this time last Friday.  He's been at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth ever since.

But there was one posting on Facebook that caught our attention because there is someone who knows how Tristan's family feels, it's Michelle Mantanona, who wrote,

"Praying for this family. We ourselves just went through this.  I am truly hoping they have a better outcome than we did. "

The Mantanona family's 8 year-old son Jarrett, died in May when the family's car was hit by a drunk driver in Coleman County.  

At last report, Triston was still in ICU, but he had made some slow progress.  Still a long way to go. 

Our final topic,  a story about Texas Governor Rick Perry and this one scrapes the bottom of the barrel, even as politics go.

One man took out an ad in the Austin Chronicle asking anyone who's had sex with Rick Perry to step forward.

Robert Morrow, is the self appointed president for the "Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy", of which he says he is the only member.

So in answer to the man's question Leatha says ,

"Um, my unequivocal answer is no."

And Tonya says,

"It doesn't matter who runs, no one's happy and everyone will do something to persuade the others to change their minds."

Mr. Morrow, who took out the ad, is a Ron Paul supporter. However, we note that Congressman Paul had nothing to do with the ad.

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