Feedback Friday: Sounding off on Most Eligible Abilene

Time now for Feedback Friday. Our weekly look back at the news stories which got your attention and not surprisingly, Most Eligible Abilene easily had the most feedback. The most we've ever gotten on a series.

From Dede

"Apparently the only qualification you need to be the Most Eligible Abilene is to know how to go bars and party! How about finding really good eligible people in Abilene that actually have good qualities."

Ashley changes the channel and doesn't flip back, she says,

 "KRBC is ultimately killing their ratings by airing this segment, because I am sure I'm not the only news enthusiast that changes the channel when this comes on."

Not everyone has been a nay sayer, Leslie said,

"I work a lot so I don't get to watch TV very much, but I think this was a pretty neat idea. Just like people to complain about nothing going on in Abilene and then when something new comes along - it's stupid. Kudos for this chick who can be a single mom, work hard for her money, and still look good doing it all."

More feedback on Most Eligible Abilene from Allie,

"Why is everyone making such a big deal about this? It's your choice to watch it or not. The people here are not the names you are calling them, they are great people. Grow up and be nice or quit talking about people you know nothing about."

And finally, Tom gives KRBC props,

"Go explore other news stations, you'll see they all do segments like this or things that have nothing to do with the news. Honestly I'm sick of the 24/7 news stuff. It's good to see something other than the news."

Like it or not, Most Eligible Abilene has been KRBC's most popular series ever and highly popular on our Facebook page and website. Plus, we're not through, Tonight at 10, the final Most Eligible, he's a college baseball player here in town and could be the one for someone watching Friday.

The other topic that received the most mail this week is a national story which is 1,500 miles away from Abilene.  The Penn State child abuse scandal. Should Joe Paterno have been fired?

Gary doesn't think so. He says the school,

"Should have let the criminal justice system deal with the matter. They seem to be playing politics to limit their liability. I am sure they know that they are going to get sued by some of the victims. So they think they are cutting their losses."

Tom went straight to the point,

"[Paterno] belongs in jail and so does his coaching staff that didn't report it to the police."

Paul believes Paterno shares some fault

"I think he is at fault, but I think the university is more at fault for not following up with his report. He should have been given a leave of absence, the university is just trying to put it on him, which is wrong, they are responsible for this just as much as he is!"

Finally, from Jacob,

"Anyone who sees what he saw, and knew what he knew, and does nothing about it deserves more than just losing your job, regardless of how long you've been there and all your accomplishments."
The student body at Penn State is acting to right the wrong, by selling "Blue Out" t-shirts for tomorrow's game against Nebraska.  The support for a Saturday "Blue-Out" is said to be growing, as students, businesses and organizations speak out about child abuse awareness and focus on the alleged victims in the case. Good for them!

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