Feedback Friday: Speed Demons, Angry Cowboys Fan

A little dog lucky to be alive, driving faster on Texas highways and who was that broadcast team on the Cowboys game last night? It's time for Feedback Friday. 

Your chance to dish your dirty laundry, compliment your favorite news station on excellent work, or spout off on various topics you see online or on our newscasts.

On Thursday, we told you the story of trash can, the little dog rescued from a dumpster.

Raquel said

"I don't understand how people can be so cruel.  I agree, if a person can't take care of a pet, then they shouldn't get one. There is no excuse for leaving this dog in the dumpster."

And Chelsey had this to say,

"What a jerk for putting that sweet little guy in a dumpster!! That is so mean!"

The good news is the little dog was nursed back to health by Lads and Lassies. He has an awesome new home and a second chance at life.
Your foot can be a little heavier as you drive down the road.  News laws went into effect on Thursday.  Among those, higher speed limits in Texas.

Amber had this to say ...

"I remember when they were 55! Does that make me old? 75 is welcome for me."

And from Andrew comes these thoughts,

"People speed anyways. Might as well make it legal."

And from Linda, these thoughts on life in the faster lane,

"People are going to speed but I get nervous around people going 70. There are crazy drivers out there"

Since Henry Ford rolled the first cars off the assembly line, there have always been crazy drivers. Many we heard from seem to enjoy being able to drive a little faster.  Only time will tell how much it hurts or helps. 

Last night on KRBC, many of you watched the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins. One viewer was unhappy about more than the Cowboys losing.

An unknown person said,

"I have watched two games with that Babe, his idiot partner and Jerry himself. The most boring thing I have ever had to force myself to sit through. And somebody needs to tell Michael Irvin, that he ain't going to ever be a broadcast booth success. I hope they are not going to be in the booth during regular season games. If they are you can count on me to watch another team other than the Cowboys."

Unknown disgruntled viewer, you are in luck! The pre-season games are not part of the regular season network games so the announcers that upset you last night won't be on the rest of the year.  You can watch the Cowboys opening night Sunday September 11th right here on KRBC with the NBC sports team of Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth behind the mics.

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