Feedback Friday: Taxing Soda and Fire Relief

It's time to get your thoughts on KRBC's stories in this week's Feedback Friday.

Texas lawmakers are considering a tax on sodas one cent per ounce.

Most of you who weighed in on this story are not in favor.

David said,

"they did it to alcohol, then cigarettes, now soda? What's next? Charging us for each TV show we watch?"

Richard, on the other hand says,

"I don't drink soda anymore so I don't care."

As for the rain in the Big Country recently, it may not be much, but every bit helps alleviate the wild-fire situation and most of you say you're thankful!

Cloyce commented saying,

"OK I remember someone was doing a rain dance. Who are you and we want more!"

And Melissa weighs in saying,

"Love to hear that, once it's over my husband has to be out there with his company replacing all the power lines that was damaged or burned."

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