Feedback Friday: Thoughts on the Lone Occupy Abilene Protester

Published 11/18 2011 06:32PM

Updated 11/18 2011 06:43PM

If there has ever been a week in which our viewers have communicated with us, this has been it!  No shortage of comments, mostly negative, toward our news coverage. 

We've pretty much said all we can say about Playboy and beer, so the feedback boils down to the one man who occupied Abilene yesterday and the possibility that you may be drinking treated wastewater in Abilene one day.

Tom made the following comment on Occupy Abilene,

"Let's not spew insults at people for standing up for what they believe in America. If you don't like the occupy people then don't like them, no need to call them names. This is still America right? Then I say let him do what he wants. He's not hurting anyone."

Amber has this take,

"What's funny is these yahoos standing out there griping about these big corporations while on their Verizon cell phones drinking Starbucks coffee...Etc...Get real people."

And a final occupy thought from Troy,

When are people of the United States going to start buying from made in the USA. I think it's time the American public stands up and says enough is enough!

The first amendment is on full display nightly on our newscasts as "the occupiers", as they've become known, carry their torch for what they believe in.  I'm a little surprised that more people haven't joined the man on South 14th street.  It's a movement that seems to have taken hold in many parts of the country.  How it all plays out and what, if anything it accomplishes, we'll just have to wait and see. Looks a lot like the late 1960's.

Time to switch gears and go to the topic of wastewater as possible drinking water.  Desperate times require desperate measures and the ongoing drought has city leaders in Abilene looking ahead to the day when  lakes run too low, or dry. Putting treated wastewater into a lake, supplying water to the city of Abilene, isn't something Cindy cares to think about she said,

"That's kinda grossing me out, I'll stick with bottled water."

Lynn is blunt and to the point,

" Have any of you nay sayers been to the lake and looked at what people toss into it?? And there are fish in the lake, they make poo also. People swimming in the lake most likely pee in it so there ya go, guess you won't be drinking any tap water."

And Jaclyn simply says,

"Relax everyone. Nothing here to get so uptight about. As the wife of a chemist who has had a career in water and analytical chemistry, this doesn't scare me. All tap water is treated."

Kudos to the city of Abilene for at least planning for the future.  No where close to putting treated wastewater into the water supply just yet, just something on the table as a possibility should the desperate times for water get worse.

We'll try to keep life interesting for you with plenty more news stories you can comment about on our Facebook page or send us a message through our website.

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