Feedback Friday: Top 11 Anger, Dunn Anniversary

This week marked one year since Colorado City teenager Hailey Dunn went missing. In that time, authorities have found few clues into her disappearance.

Micky wrote,

"It breaks my heart to know that she is still missing and that they have no new clues to her whereabouts".

Kim added,

"There is something terribly wrong in our society when so many children come up missing every day and what's worse is when they are never found. Hailey, I hope you are alive and well out there somewhere and can return home someday., my prayers go out to all those missing, abused, and exploited children."

A rough holiday season for one Big Country family dealing with the deaths of two family members in a span of ten days. One was shot to death in Las Vegas.

Lisa wrote,

"My step-sister lost her dad and brother within two hours of each other in two different situations in October, she's still trying to come to terms with it. My thoughts and prayers for everyone who has to go through the loss of a family member."

A memorial fund has been set up to help the family. You can donate to the family at any Wells Fargo Bank, under the Benefit Memorial Fund for David Pettis. The account number is: 3318876640.
An Abilene woman says she enrolled her son in an online school after he had trouble adapting to public school, and had to deal with bullies. The program is called K12, and has apparently seen other success stories in the Key City.

Shelly wrote,

"My daughter is 13. She started K12 this year and she has done extremely well. Before she started online school she was shy and didn't want to participate in anything. Now she's more open, has friends, and still gets to go on field trips, she talks more to her teacher now than she did in public school. I recommend this to every parent who has a child that has trouble in school."

Finally, several viewers very upset over a feature on our website, counting down the most popular stories of 2011, many of which involve deaths that occurred this year.

Eric said, "I understand it's the end of the year and the hot thing to do is have a top 10 (or in this case 11) Countdown, but this is a bit over the top to have a countdown of your most popular stories when they all result in the death of someone."

Casey agreed, saying

"This whole countdown the worst stories of the year is very distasteful. Families have gone through enough and now you use them in a very unfashionable manner. If you want to have a countdown then let's count your best media bloopers or worst weather predictions."

The countdown is meant to reflect the stories that received the most page views this year, but we've received our fair share of criticism about this feature. staff will look into it, and consider revamping the countdown format for 2012.

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