Feedback Friday: UIL Realignment Concerns

It's that time of the week again. When we check out what you the viewer have to say about the stories we covered this week.

Our first subject has to do with the story of realignment as the UIL has changed the set up of teams in certain districts.

Steven says the following:

"Talk about a drive... Abilene High and Cooper will have to go to Amarillo. Wylie has to go to Monahans and Midland and Big Spring and Snyder at some point. But I like Wylie's, Abilene High's, and Cooper's districts."

Sean  says,

"I think they should just leave it the way it is."

Petty adds,

"For Bangs and Early, four are over 100 miles [away]. this means at least 6 hours driving for one game. There has to be some 2A schools closer that would be good competition. This means the kids have to leave school really early, so how many classes are they going to miss? Parents will have to leave work early if their boss will let them. I can't see this being good for either school."

KRBC talked to AISD Superintendent Heath Burns on Thursday. He explained that the district will be prepared to make sure students and travel expenses are taken care of. School administrators will meet this spring to develop a plan of action.

As you all know by now, KRBC will be carrying the Super Bowl on Sunday. Some of you sent us your predictions of the outcome on the upcoming pigskin contest: 

Rendi says: "Patriots 27-21 I think it's going to be a fairly close game."

Amanda is thinking more along the lines of "Giants 23-17."

And Thomas has the game breaking down the following way: "Patriots 35 Giants 17!" 

Finally, Bruce is going with "Giants 32-24".

Be sure to write us on KRBC's Facebook page with your thoughts on the stories we cover and let us know what you think!

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