Feedback Friday: Viewers Sound Off on Golf Course Subsidies

This week on Feedback Friday, driving habits and dangerous places to drive in Abilene. Plus, keeping golf courses watered and who should be able to get money from the city to help pay expenses.

First, Thursday morning at the Abilene City Council meeting, Charles Coody, owner of Diamondback Golf Course, said he believes he should receive $40,000 in subsidy for his course, just as the city will provide Maxwell Municipal Golf Course next year.  He said since he offers the same service to the community, he should be eligible for the same help.

Tye responded to the story by getting right to the point,

"Need to worry more about the farmers and ranchers that need water."

Cristopher had the following thoughts,

"I don't think tax payers should be responsible for keeping a golf course green. Those of us that can't afford to play don't care if it's dead or not.  I would rather see the funds go to help the poor, hungry, and homeless. Their the ones who really need the help."

Janine weighed in with the follow thoughts being tied to the golf business,

"As the wife of an employee at Diamondback this is of great significance. Can't anyone step out of themselves for a second and see that this is an important news issue to all of the families of the people whose paychecks depend on this golf course remaining opened and successful."

This is one of those subjects that if you ask ten people about subsidizing a business, you may get ten different answers.  Local taxpayers seem more connected and passionate than ever before about where their dollars go. You will have other opportunities in the near future to voice your opinion to city council as they work on their budget for the next year.

Next topic, traffic concerns on Highway 351 following a deadly motorcycle crash last week.

Dave says ...

"Living close by this area, and having studied the traffic flow, one of the biggest problems in the area is the sheer volume of traffic turning on to 351 in both directions from private businesses on either side of 351.
A lot of the drivers turning on to 351 will shoot between gaps in traffic, then drive for a block or more in the center turn lane until they can merge into traffic.
I've had people almost hit me head on several times by driving at me in the turn lane while I am sitting in the turn lane waiting to make a turn. I hope the city and/or the state will take some kind of action before it is too late."

Robert had this to say,

"I begged the city and TxDOT to work together before the Walmart was even built to go ahead and improve the infrastructure in that area before it became a problem and a repeat of the Southwest Drive and Catclaw area. TxDOT stated that they had to plan that out and get funding for it years in advance."

A thought from Chris,

"Our traffic lights do not need to change... Our driving habits do."

Interesting that in the last six or seven years,  the area around Highway 351 and Interstate 20 has gone from nothing to being a dangerous place to drive.  Chris makes a good point, better driving habits, slowing down a bit, being a little more patient, could probably go a long way in helping the problem.  Meanwhile, maybe the city and TxDOT can discuss ways to control traffic flow in that area, to better serve the driving public.

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