Feedback Friday: Viewers Sound off on "Playboy Club" Pilot

Two topics got our viewers talking this week and with much passion.  In fact, both topics deal with passion, in one way or another. 

Concerning abstinence and safe sex paired in Texas schools.

James said,

"Preaching abstinence is never going to work. But at least they are taking it a step further and actually educating the kids now. It's a step in the right direction."

Richard had this to say,

"Parenting style makes a huge difference too. They need to educate parents on being authoritative when it comes to teaching their kids about sex."

And finally from Stephanie,

"Abstinence is the best solution but impulsive teens don't usually look that far ahead and we live in a permissive society that says if it feels good do it! These are scary times for me as a parent!"

And it's Stephanie's comments that parents have been saying for generations. Scary times and we suspect that won't change, however the subject is tough.

It's been a long time since an NBC show has received so much pre-hype as the debut this week of "The Playboy Club".  In recent weeks we've read many of your pre-debut comments about the show, mostly negative.  But now that the bunnies have hit the small screen, this is what some of you said this week.

Tiffany said,

"Haven't heard of the show, but what disgusts me, is I have to close my child's eyes and ears during commercials these days. What is our world coming to? If it wasn't for football games, news and Barney, I would do away with the TV all together!!"

Mandy watched the debut and simply said

"I really liked it. Great show!"

And Matthew summed it up this way,

"Good show, if you don't like it change the channel"

Matthew is right,  the ultimate control lies in your hand.  Remotes can take you elsewhere in the blink of an eye and not every show is going to please everyone. We just hope that you'll tune back in for local news at ten and give us a try.

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