Feedback Friday: Viewers Sound off on Walgreens Decision to Not Accept TRICARE

It's time to open the virtual mailbag in our favorite segment of the week, Feedback Friday.

We're talking about Abilene High School students getting on the right track, big changes involving military families and local drug stores, and, of course, snakes! More on those stories in a moment.
First, to a story we brought you last night about the push program at Abilene High School. The program is helping students learn leadership skills and values they might not otherwise get..

Shareen wrote,

 "I was in a program like this in high school, and it was a great 'push' to me in finding my niche."

We're proud to say that Maureen Medina, the mentor you saw last night, is not only active duty military, but also a member of the KRBC production team. She does fantastic work at every one of those jobs.

Now to an issue affecting the many military families here in the Key City and beyond. This week we told you about the decision made by the company that owns Walgreens to no longer accept some insurance, including TRICARE which is what covers both active duty military and veterans. Walgreens says that's a decision that is completely out of their hands, but some KRBC viewers say that doesn't matter to them.

Karine says,

"The worst part of this is that the Walgreen's on South 14th street is the only 24 hour pharmacy in Abilene, so now military families are left without that option. Maybe another pharmacy in town will take advantage of this opportunity and change their hours."

Mike's not happy at all.

He said, "Walgreens still takes our insurance, but if they don't want to take the military's insurance, we'll be taking our business to their competitors who will."

Deb takes a different stance, saying,

 "I applaud Walgreens for standing their ground and not being bullied. If Express Scripts really cared about their military families and the offering of a 24 hour service, they should have negotiated. Obviously 24 hour pharmacy service is not a priority to express scripts and must not be part of the TRICARE contract. Cannot blame Walgreens for that!"

Finally to Brownwood, where residents are a little on edge after reports of a baby cobra getting loose from its cage while its owner is behind bars.

 The 12 inch Sunset Monocled cobra is probably still in the house, but crews haven't been able to search yet because they don't have the equipment to protect themselves from cobra venom, which can be deadly.

Lizzy says,

 "that's scary but it's sad for the snake too... It didn't ask to be kept as a pet, now he could be killed because someone was not responsible and decided to have a cobra as a pet when it shouldn't be a pet to begin with."

Mandy is worried for her family,

"I think they should be looking for it right now. That's dangerous and my grandmother lives on the next street. I don't care what they have to do but it needs to be something fast!!"

The Abilene Zoo and Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens will help Brownwood Animal Control Officers search in the coming days.

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