Feedback Friday: Voter ID Law Struck Down

It's the end of the week, which means we open up the mailbag and listen to what the viewers have to say.

As you might be familiar with by now, the U.S. Justice Department struck down the Texas Voter ID law, which required voters to present a state-issued identification at the polls.

Well, that's stirring up conversation.

Tiffany had this to say,

"I find it amazing that you have to show an ID to buy booze but not to vote for the leaders of this country?? I guess you can't get elected if its done legally."

CV says the following, 

"Voting is a right, buying booze is a choice. A permit to carry a gun is good, but a student ID is not. Many counties in Texas do not have drivers license offices which makes getting the required photo id iffy for those on foot."

Then Lawrence adds this comment,

"Why do we even have state governments if the feds are going to axe everything we do that they don't like. It's called the United States, not just America. I seriously think some of our national representatives and leaders need to take a refresher course in the constitution.

Now, some analysts who've looked at the Voter ID laws in other states say it is possible the Texas case could go before the U.S. Supreme Court, before it's all said and done.

Now, to another story that got a lot of reaction.

A recent study found that North Texans are some of the worst drivers in the nation! 

And, just about everyone who commented on this one, agrees!

When learning of this, Leslie said ,

"Just went there this last weekend. Roads are so confusing my GPS was confused. Was almost a 5th car in a 4 car pile, but ( I ) Thank God he guided me (in the rain) through the other lanes while braking unscratched. Then saw 3 more accidents down the road."

And Pete finishes things up for his with his statement of,

"Can't believe Abilene didn't rank up there."

Well, we all here at KRBC would like to thank you for watching our news programs each week.  And if you would like to chime in with your two cents on a story you saw us report, you can submit your thoughts on the KRBC Facebook page and post your comment!

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